Last week on "The Blacklist," Tom Keen showed up and wanted to be BFFs with Agent Ressler, and frankly we're still suffering from the emotional upheaval of seeing his face on screen. Tom was last seen kinda-sorta-maybe sailing the high seas (or something), but it looks like he's back in D.C. and determined to help a homie out. And by "homie," we mean his wife, wanted terrorist Elizabeth Keen.

So, what did Tom get up to this week? Keep reading to find out, but all that really matters right now is that Liz and Reddington escaped to the Midwest.

Tom Eats Chinese Food, Remains Flawless and Perfect (Also, Elizabeth and Red Flee to Iowa)

First of all, Tom is super into hoodies. They're his safe place, OK? Anyway, after having an intense hoodied bro-off with Ressler, Tom tries to convince him to join forces and prove Liz's innocence. Sadly, he gets completely rejected. Tom responds to being cast aside like anyone would do: he binge-eats a bunch of Chinese food until Agent Cooper finally shows up and asks him to take down Russian assassin Karakurt in the hopes of helping Keen. Score!

So, what are Elizabeth and Red up to? Last week, they were busy sailing to Spain —— but apparently Iowa is way cooler, so they head over to the Corn State. Why? To get in with an band of "farmer bandits" (just go with it) and steal files that said bandits stole from an agricultural company. Oh, and the agricultural company in question works for the cabal. It's basically a complicated game of leverage and corn, just go with it.

Liz Shoots a Cop, Ressler Manages To Do Something Right

The bad news is that one of the farmer bandits is totally insane and wants to create a corn-killing virus — which throws a slight wrench in Liz and Red's master plan. Plus, when they're about to figure everything out, Ressler pops in again, forcing Liz to make a hasty escape and hide out at a coffee shop. No bigs, except a cop is lurking in the coffee shop and she up and shoots him. All in all, it's not a great day, and you know who we blame? That's right, his name rhymes with "Chessler."

To be fair to good ol' Ress, he does stop the corn-killing virus from spreading by beating up the crazed farmer trying to unleash it, so at least he has that going for him.

Dembe Makes a Friend, Red Makes a Threat

In the event that you care about the agriculture subplot in this week's episode, the farming corporation's evil plan is to take down all the crops in the world so they could then rush in and save the day. Obviously, Red figures this out and tells the company's head honcho to give a message to the cabal: don't mess with the best 'cause the best don't mess.

Oh, and if you're worried about Dembe, he's still half dead in a cell and has now been joined by none other than Red's associate Mr. Vargas (Paul Reubens). Noooo, not PeeWee!

And now, some burning questions....

1. What are Tom and Cooper up to? Clearly Coop wants Tom to get close to Karakurt, but to what end?

2. What is Ressler's problem? We know he does things by the book, but there's no way he really thinks Liz is a terrorist. Why isn't he being more supportive?

3. What is the cabal's end game? They're still slightly too "evil." Will we learn more about them?

4. Seriously, is Dembe going to make it out alive, because things do not look good.