*Warning: "Game of Thrones" filming spoilers ahead*

There are actually a few key characters we haven't seen since "Game of Thrones" Season 3 and it sounds like more than one will show up in 2016's Season 6. (Before you get your hopes up, there's been no LS confirmation.) We'll mention the others below, but first, let's focus on the one that was just "confirmed" by the great spoiler heroes at Watchers on the Wall.

They quoted a new report from Los Siete Reinos, revealing that The Blackfish, aka Brynden Tully (Clive Russell) -- uncle of Catelyn Tully Stark -- is returning in Season 6. The Blackfish managed to escape the carnage at the Red Wedding, and he's apparently picking up the Jaime Lannister Riverrun siege storyline skipped over in the fourth-book-to-TV timeline.

Clive Russell was reportedly seen filming in Corbet, Northern Ireland. In September, Watchers on the Wall had reported that Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) would be heading to the Riverlands together.

As WOTW noted:

There were scenes involving an assault filmed, with the Blackfish possibly defending the garrison and shooting flaming arrows. We'll be seeing Jaime and the Blackfish having an argument, as well. [...] The scenes mentioned by Los Siete Reinos so far are in line with the siege and Jaime and Blackfish's disagreements from the novel. The new twist is Bronn's presence; the show is apparently continuing the partnership between Bronn and Jaime into season 6."

They speculated about the possible return of Catelyn's brother Edmure (Tobias Menzies) who at least survived his own ill-fated Red Wedding. It's not clear if we'll see Edmure, though, it's just a hope/guess.

But here's something else to think about, in case you were wondering about Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson). We haven't seen Bran's bro -- or Osha (Natalia Tena) -- since Season 3 either, but we are expecting to see them in Season 6.

WOTW recently posted a casting announcement for a new young actor joining the show, and one commenter asked if he was Rickon recast. Here's a response to that post, "Doubt it. We have some realy good info/rumors that the original actor will return." Another commenter said actor Art Parkinson was spotted with Natalia Tena in Befast back in August, adding that the original Rickon would return.

We've been very curious to see what Rickon and Osha have been up to, and even though the actor has aged a lot, it's good to hear he's (probably) keeping the role. And the Blackfish! It's about time some Tullys returned to kick arse and take names, even if Jaime and Bronn are on the other side. (Any way to adjust the story and have them team up to take down the Boltons? No?)

"Game of Thrones" has no exact Season 6 premiere date yet, but it's expected around early April 2016.

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