It seems like the characters of "Once Upon a Time" have already been through hell but they haven't literally stopped by in person, so we may see the place in the second half of Season 5. According to TVLine, OUAT co-creator Eddie Kitsis summed up 5B as "hell," so fans now think we may visit the Underworld later in the season.

On that note, TVLine added a new spoiler that the show is currently casting "a mysterious, dangerous and vindictive God-like figure known obscurely as 'Distinguished Gentleman' or 'DG.'" The devil? If so, just go for the gold and call Jack Nicholson and ask him to revive Daryl Van Horne from "Witches of Eastwick."

Some fans further suspect this may -- just may -- be tied to TVLine's recent blind item about a drama series killing off one of its co-leads:

Details are super sketchy, but rumor has it the fatal twist is set to occur in this hour-long show's forthcoming fall finale. Meanwhile, there are conflicting accounts as to whether the death will actually stick. Given the importance this particular character has to the series, it's tough to imagine that it would. But in this Will Gardner-offing, McDreamy-snuffing TV world we live in now, I suppose anything is possible. This much appears certain: The episode in question will leave viewers with the very real impression that this fan favorite is a goner."

There's no saying this death is definitely from "Once," it may be (as others suspect) from "Castle" or even "The Walking Dead," although "Once" and "Castle" get some of the biggest love on TVLine, and that was part of the clue. If it does turn out to be from OUAT, who would (temporarily) die? Emma? Henry? Regina? Snow? Charming? Hook?

Stay tuned on that and prepare to face hell in the new year. Fun!

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