Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series usually roasts bad movies we love to hate, but the latest video takes on Disney/Pixar's instant classic "Inside Out," which makes grown men cry -- including during the trailer itself.

Here's a pretty good description for the movie:

Pixar built a reputation with stories that mess with your emotions. Now they've cut out the middleman and are messing directly with the emotions themselves in a film that teaches kids they aren't responsible for their actions -- it's just tiny people in their head pushing their brain buttons. You know, there's a word for that: schizophrenia!"

There's also a suggestion that 11-year-old Riley might be bipolar, since she swings from two extreme emotions. But at least the movie heads into a little girl's brain and not a guy's since, the trailer notes, that would probably be a porno.

After Joy and Sadness are sucked away, the trailer brilliantly adds, "Riley is left with only your average YouTube comment section to guide her: Rage, Fear, and Disgust." PERFECTION.

They also list a bunch of emotions (or at least mental and emotional attributes) that didn't make the cut of the movie -- empathy, reason, envy, tranquility, courage, hope, boredom, love, lust, and "that feeling you get when you peel dried glue off your fingers." (Isn't that usually disgust?)

It's beautiful:

And for good measure, here are the "Inside Out" characters watching the new "Star Wars" trailer:

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