The end is nigh for the "Hunger Games" franchise, with "Mockingjay -- Part 2" hitting theaters today. It's sad to say goodbye to Katniss and co. -- but could there be more stories to tell in Panem?

"Mockingjay" director Francis Lawrence tackled that question in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which he said that if the "Hunger Games" films were to continue, he'd be interested in making a prequel.

"The interesting part of the story for me is to go back 75 years earlier and see how everything became the way it is," Lawrence told EW. "I'm sure if [author] Suzanne [Collins] were to get inspired and decide there's another story that's important for her to tell that exists within the world of Panem and whether about the Dark Days, another character, or another set of Games, whatever that could be, I'm sure it would be great. And I'd loved to be involved, absolutely."

While that's exciting, Lawrence said that any new "Hunger Games" film would have to focus on different characters, since "with the end of this story, we've reached the end of Katniss's story."

"I think that Suzanne created such an iconic character, and I think she's the main reason why everyone comes back to these stories," Lawrence continued. "Now, that's come to an end."

The director faced similar questions about continuing the series when "Mockingjay -- Part 1" rolled around, and seemed less sure of plans for new films only a year ago. Perhaps Lawrence just isn't ready to say goodbye to these films yet, either. We can't blame him.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 2" is in theaters now.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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