Hodor! Winter is coming, but the holiday season is already here, and one creative fan honored the spirit of the season and HBO's "Game of Thrones" with an impressive gingerbread version of King's Landing.

Check it out:Wow. You can almost see a little gingerbread Cersei Lannister being shamed as she walks through the gingerbread streets. The artist, a cake designer based in London named Michelle Wibowo, shared some of her own photos, giving just a glimpse of her process:According to the Evening Standard, the King's Landing replica was the centerpiece of the three-day event, "The Taste of London: The Festive Edition," but -- they added -- fans also got a chance to sit on the Iron Throne while sampling a Wild Beer. Sounds like an event worthy of song. And since the gingerbread King\'s Landing turned out so well, Wibowo should keep going and do all of Westeros, then make gingerbread dragons so Daenerys Targaryen can fly her way to the throne.

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