No weapons, no magic, and -- technically -- no princesses. But this rap battle between Hermione Granger of "Castle" star Molly C. Quinn as Hermione.

Here's a portion of Katniss's opening takedown:

Pathetic and predictable I'm hot on your trail/Could've had a Viktor but you chose ginger fail?/I bet with wands drawn he's still just a yawn with performances worse than Michael Gambon."


Here's a small part of Hermione's response:

I'll end this blasted skrewt propaganda prostitute who thinks she's so cute with her Girl Scout salute/Just a tribute, can't decide which guy's sweeter/Share your bread with Gale and stuff your mouth with Peeta."

Oh man. It gets better. Just watch.

Now you get to decide who wins: Five points to Gryffindor or are the odds in Katniss's favor?

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