Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Attend 'El Hormiguero' Tv ShowJennifer Lawrence is done playing "The Hunger Games," and now has her sights set on a new challenge: directing her first feature film.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence revealed that she's already lined up her next project, and instead of acting in front of the camera, the Oscar winner will be calling the shots from behind the lens.

"I've signed on to direct something called 'Project Delirium' — it's based on this article about mental warfare in the '60s, like an acid experiment gone terribly wrong," Lawrence told EW.

According to the magazine, the flick is based on a 2012 article from The New Yorker called "Operation Delirium," which "focused on military doctors running experiments on soldiers throughout the Cold War." There's no word yet on when Lawrence is set to get to work, but according to the actress, she's had the directing bug for her entire career.

"I have wanted to direct as long as I've wanted to act. I just don't talk about it because I'd rather just do it," Lawrence explained to EW. " ... I've wanted to direct since I was 16 and always thought I should start making steps towards that. If I had tried to do it earlier, I wouldn't have been ready. Now I actually feel ready."

The actress also said she'd love to direct a comedy someday. Maybe she can helm her upcoming flick that she's writing with Amy Schumer?

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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