I Saw the LightHey, good-looking! And great-sounding. Tom Hiddleston shows off more than his chiseled features in the first trailer for the Hank Williams biopic "I Saw the Light." Guy can sing, too!

"I Saw the Light" chronicles Williams' life and country music career, in much the same way that "Walk the Line" did with Johnny Cash. As Williams gains fame and success, he also indulges in the typical vices of musicians on the road — alcoholism and infidelity. His marriage to wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen) starts to crumble. "I am a professional at making a mess of things," he says.

But out of the darkness can come light — and Williams wants to do better by his wife and children. The story is familiar, of course, but the performances look to elevate the movie beyond the typical. Hiddleston's singing sounds like it stands up to the legendary Williams, which is no small feat.

"I Saw the Light" opens in theaters March 25.

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