sisters, sisters movie, tina fey, amy poehler, star warsDecember 18, the day film fans have been waiting for, is almost upon us, and you know what that means: The release of "Sisters"! Oh, you thought we were talking about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"? Well, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are here to explain that those two films are basically the same, and in case you didn't know, you can totally see both movies on opening weekend instead of choosing between them.

In a new featurette, the "Sisters" cast recounts the flick's long, revered history, which sounds eerily similar to that of the "Star Wars" saga. There's a CGI breakdown of Ike Barinholtz's awkward run-in with a music box, Maya Rudolph draped in some motion-capture dots (which look suspiciously like a strand of Christmas lights), and references to the flick's lauded director, J.J.-son (a.k.a. "Pitch Perfect" helmer Jason Moore. What, were you expecting a different J.J.?). And Amy and Tina themselves describe the film's importance using fake British accents, adding an air of regalness to the proceedings (and, okay, to cover up their drunkenness).

"It lit-rally could not be more exciting," Fey declares in an uppercrust voice.

"This film means so much to so many people," Poehler adds in a similar deadpan drawl.

We couldn't agree more. "Sisters" opens on December 18, and yes, that's the same day as "Star Wars." But as the hashtag says: #youcanseethemboth. We're planning on it.

Photo credit: Universal