OutlanderDon't have Starz and want to watch "Outlander"? Or wish you could see the new season of "Homeland" on Showtime? Now, you can subscribe to those and other networks' streaming services through Amazon Prime.

The Streaming Partners Program allows Amazon Prime members to subscribe to 30 streaming services, some at a discount and some that aren't available elsewhere. Showtime, for example, costs $8.99 a month, a discount from iTunes, which sells a season for $10.99. Some of the networks, like Showtime, already have standalone streaming sites, but this new feature makes it easier to pay for and manage multiple subscriptions. Amazon also plans to bundle different networks at a discount.

This is the first time that Starz will be available to stream online, which means you can go from watching "Man in the HIgh Castle" to "Outlander" without switching apps.

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