The rollout of new streaming services continues.

NBCUniversal has revealed that it plans to launch its forthcoming streaming service in April 2020, Variety reports. The ad-supported platform will be modeled after the European service Now TV, which comes from NBCUniversal's sister company Sky UK. It will feature "a gigantic library of all favorites," according to NBCUniversal in the past, and it will notably become the exclusive home of "The Office," a perennial favorite, in 2021.

The streamer will debut original content as well, and NBCUniversal is investing in it, according to CEO Steve Burke. He shared that the company is focusing on developing originals that are linked to their existing properties. That's similar to both WarnerMedia and Disney, for example, as both have ordered multiple series with familiar stories and characters. Everything old is new again, after all.

Burke didn't reveal too many specifics about the streamer because of "competitive reasons," as Deadline reports, but he did say that there are more than 500 employees working on the project. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labors in April.

[via: Variety; Deadline]