73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations AnnouncementWe all make mistakes, but we like them best when they're made live by celebrities during major public events.

The 2016 Golden Globe Award nominations were just announced this morning, and not only did the show confuse presenter America Ferrera with not-even-there Gina Rodriguez, Dennis Quaid offered some interesting new pronunciations for nominee names.

You'd think by now they would practice -- since this is a One Job situation -- but maybe they like the attention? Quaid had a couple of name stumbles, including one semi-understandable one and one he really should know by now. The really should know one is "Veep" nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is nominated for every TV award every year and wins every year so her name is spoken every year. Tip: It's Louis like Louis C.K. of "Louie," not "Louise" like "Thelma and Louise."

That didn't get too much attention, but when Quaid called Irish "Brooklyn" star Saoirse Ronan something like "Sheesha" Ronan, the Internet decided it was an Adele Dazeem moment:

Teachable moments, all around. But now the Golden Globes really should have John (pronounce it "Jane") Travolta and Dennis (try "Denise") Quaid present together when the awards are handed out on on January 10, 2016.

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