Prepare to deep sigh, shake your head, and not really be surprised at all by the stats on what we the people of the United States watched and tweeted about in the past year.

"The Walking Dead" was also the No. 1 time-shifted program, in terms of the number of total viewers it added after the episodes aired "live" Sunday nights. Surprisingly enough, "Fargo" had the biggest percentage change in viewers added through time-shifting. Not that many people watched the show live, but the numbers jumped 240.3 percent afterward.

And then there's the top tweeted TV minute of the year. Here's how Nielsen introduced that gem:

"Award shows—and Kanye West specifically—were also in the spotlight on Twitter this year. In fact, 248,000 Tweets were sent at 10:49 p.m ET about the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in the minute following West's announcement that he would be running for President of the United States in 2020. This moment was the most-tweeted TV minute of 2015...but we'll have to wait a half-decade to see if the hip-hop impresario makes good on the campaign run."

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Fixed ShowYes, Kanye West's random future candidacy announcement, part of a rambling acceptance speech that seemed to go on for days, marked the single most tweeted TV minute of the year. As if his ego wasn't big enough.

There are multiple lists over here on Nielsen's site, but here's one just to show the top regularly scheduled shows:

Top 10 Primetime TV Programs of 2015 - Regularly Scheduled

Ranking/Show/Original Network/Persons 2+ Rating/Average No. of Viewers

2. THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS 7.1/21,065,000
3. NCIS CBS 7.1/20,913,000
4. THE WALKING DEAD AMC 6.6/19,669,000
5. EMPIRE FOX 6.0/17,747,000
6. CBS+NFLN THU NT FOOTBALL CBS 6.0/17,665,000
7. NCIS: NEW ORLEANS CBS 5.8/17,316,000
9. BLUE BLOODS CBS 5.1/14,974,000
10. DANCING WITH THE STARS ABC 4.9/14,555,000

Surprised? Not surprised? Did you tweet about Kanye after his presidential announcement? CONFESS.

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