CBS's "Survivor: Cambodia" -- aka Season 31, aka "Second Chance" -- is ending its fantastic run on Wednesday, December 16, with a two-hour finale and one-hour reunion show (where probably only Spencer and maybe two other people will be allowed to speak). At the end of the penultimate episode, Jeff Probst teased that, during the finale, something would happen for the first time in 31 seasons. What is it? We have a guess, but first here's more from Jeff to Entertainment Weekly:

Okay, six players left as we head to the finale/reunion. What can you tell us about both next Wednesday night?
"The finale is ... phenomenal. Historic. Unpredictable. And ultimately satisfying. I think it will cap off, in grand fashion, what most fans will regard as one of — if not THE greatest season of Survivor. I have absolutely loved the way this group played. I am proud and impressed by the level of fierce dedication to playing to win. Everybody went big. I hope future players take a note from this season. You want to be a part of something amazing? You want a shot at being asked back? You want to be remembered? You have to play big. You have to remember that if there are 20 people playing, 95 percent of you will lose. So you truly have very little to lose. GO BIG or do yourself and your family a favor and STAY HOME. :)"

What's the "historic" event? Well, considering Kelley Wentworth and Jeremy Collins both still have (second) idols to play, and there isn't much time left to play them, we're thinking they both play their idols at the same Tribal Council and cancel all the votes. If that happens, what will they do? A total re-vote, with the exception of the idol-ed players? A rock draw? If it's not a two-idol-tie, is there perhaps a tie for the winner at the final tribal?

Here are the six remaining players going into the finale:

Kelley Wentworth
Keith Nale
Kimmi Kappenberg
Tasha Fox
Jeremy Collins
Spencer Bledsoe

Jeff has made it abundantly clear that he favors Spencer, even calling him the son he never had. Spencer has had confessional after confessional, which can sometimes confuse fans as to what's really happening on the island for the players in the game. Exiting players have mentioned Jeremy as the biggest threat to win, so it seems like if he gets to the end he will probably have the jury's vote. Then again, there's still time left for some big moves, immunity wins, and whatever happens with those idols.

Who are you HOPING to see win "Second Chance," who do you THINK will win, and do you agree that this has been one of the best seasons ever?

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