Everything right now is about "Star Wars" but, according to Google, that was not the top trending movie of 2015. Somehow, "The Force Awakens" didn't even make the top 10.

Google just dumped a ton of data to cap off 2015 (even though it's not over) and tell us what we did with our computer time.

Here's the list of trending movies:

There you have it. Dinos rule. Congrats, "Jurassic World." However, "Star Wars" got its own separate section, with its own lists, and the note that the first official "Force Awakens" trailer, unveiled in October, is one of the most-viewed movie trailers of all time.

Here are some other 2015 Google trends that may surprise you:

Interesting, no? Here are more top 10 lists (the dog one is pretty funny). And here's Google's Year In Search 2015 video, in case you want to view down memory lane:

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