That was fast: After shattering numerous box office records over the weekend -- including obliterating "Jurassic World's" domestic opening weekend tally -- "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has proven that it's an international powerhouse as well, officially breaking "World's" global record total, too.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Monday morning, Disney chief Bob Iger said that while numbers are still rolling in, "The Force Awakens" is currently on track to earn approximately $528 million over its first three days, surpassing "World's" opening weekend global total of $524.9 million. It previously bested that flick's domestic opening total of $208.8 million, too, with early estimates suggesting "Force" had earned about $238 million.

But the good news continues for Disney: Iger said Monday that those initial estimates were actually lower than what the company is currently tracking, and "The Force Awakens" could wind up with a domestic opening haul of a whopping $247 million -- or possibly even higher.

"That's an incredible weekend," Iger told Bloomberg, in one of the biggest understatements ever.

With all the tickets it's already sold, expect "The Force Awakens" to remain a box office powerhouse for the foreseeable future. The records can only keep falling from here.

[via: Bloomberg, h/t Variety]