Poor Michael Bay. Rich Michael Bay, of course, but the director is such an easy target it sometimes seems unfair. It doesn't really seem unfair when it comes to "Pearl Harbor," though, and the 2001 Ben Affleck cheese-fest got itself roasted as the latest victim of Screen Junkies's Honest Trailers.

The "Pearl Harbor" honest trailer begins with a swipe at Bay's new movie, "13 Hours":

"Before he cashes in on the tragic loss of American lives in his Benghazi movie, revisit Michael Bay's attempt to cash in on the loss of even more American lives in 'Pearl Harbor.'"

This three-hour super-'merican "fan fiction version of history" is mocked for its "stupid campy made-up love triangle," "wacky slapstick comedy," terrible Southern accents, and blatant attempt to rip-off the superior "Titanic."

The trailer acknowledges the film's cool battle scenes, and its Oscar for sound design, and actually hits a serious note to show photos of real heroes of Pearl Harbor. However, the end quote is rather chilling: "You guys know it's only a matter of time before Michael Bay gets his hands on 9/11, right?" Yikes.

Here goes:

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