The Force is not always strong with "Saturday Night Live," but on January 16, host and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" star Adam Driver brought the deadpan humor we were looking for. Arguably the strongest of Driver's sketches was the taped bit sending his "Star Wars" villain Kylo Ren undercover at Starkiller Base for an episode of "Undercover Boss."

Kylo went undercover as radar technician "Matt," to gauge what rank-and-file Stormtroopers and Starkiller personnel thought of Kylo Ren. But as much as Ren changed his look -- and tried to convince everyone that Kylo Ren is "ripped" with an eight-pack -- his super-intense attitude, anger management issues, and suspicious possession of Kylo Ren's lightsaber tip off a few employees that he was, indeed, Kylo Ren.

Still, Kylo came away with a new appreciation for his staff, and even secretly sent an absurdly sweet "After the rain comes the rainbow" card to one of his grieving colleagues. "Hearing that Zack lost his son really struck a nerve with me ... especially since I'm the one that killed him."

The whole thing is pretty great, but Leslie Jones's muffin line is a personal favorite:

Yeah, Key & Peele just did an "Undercover Boss" sketch last year, but this is a different angle, and the perfect way to get Kylo Ren on SNL without making him the center of every sketch.

This wasn't the only hit of Driver's first hosting gig; check out this Golden Globes parody with Driver and Vanessa Bayer as self-absorbed winners (and parents) who leave their kids home alone to attend after-parties ... and have some fun with the "huge" Liev Schreiber, whose cameo was one of the night's highlights:

Do you think Adam Driver should return to host SNL again?

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