The Force is strong with a woman scorned!

You never know what you're going to get when "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and they played "The Acting Game," which quickly took a dark turn when Dakota dropped an f-bomb on Darth Vader.

The game involved pretending to answer a phone call, and acting out a scenario. The first scenario, read by Jimmy to Dakota, was, "It's your fiancé, Darth Vader, calling to tell you he's leaving you for another woman." So Jimmy said "ring-ring" and Dakota answered the phone to play out this Vader break-up:

Dakota: "Hello? Hi, babe. Did you just wake up? Oh. You're what? Where are you? Who the f--k—?"

She covered her mouth in apology.

Jimmy: "Hang up the phone. Hang up the phone. Hang up the phone."

The audience cheered. it was actually a pretty realistic break-up call, she just got too Method for a network show.

Jimmy: "It's an adult game. It's an adult game."

So Jimmy turned the tables and had Dakota read the scenario.

Dakota: "I'm gonna say 'ring-ring' when I'm done."

Jimmy: "Just stick to those words!"

Haha. But seriously, Vader had that coming. Cheaters never win, man.

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