Look at LL Cool J's reaction -- it's huuuuuge!

This Thursday, January 28, "The Big Bang Theory" star "Lip Sync Battle." Spike just posted a couple of teasers for the showdown, including Josh as Donald Trump, performing The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself."

The clip takes a random turn at the end when Kaley's TBBT co-star Johnny Galecki shows up, also wearing a Trump wig, and makes out with Gad's Trump. As one fan put it in the YouTube comments, "Oh my gosh I just saw Leonard make out with Olaf..." Yep, while dressed as Trump! Things you don't see every day.

Kaley laughs, but LL clearly wishes he could unsee it. Megyn Kelly should put that one on repeat.

Here's a preview of Kaley getting dirty to Ludacris's "Move Bitch":

Watch the full battles play out on Thursday. Do you think Trump will tune in?

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