We imagine that you've spent the past week being emotionally traumatized due to the newest ship sailing around fan fiction. Naturally, we're talking about #Spaleb, aka Spencer + Caleb, "Pretty Little Liars" weirdest couple who were clearly designed to play with our emotions. All kinds of Spaleb drama went down this week, and we're here to talk about it in intense detail (we're all in this together, guys).

Also, let's not forget that there's a new A in town and s/he's now going by a simple devil emoji. Way to stay relevant, friend. If there's one thing we know in these dark, uncertain times, it's that A is a millennial. Guess that rules out Old Man Ezra.

In Which Caleb and Spencer Have Sex, Make Toby Feel :(

So, Caleb and Spencer had sex. As in, they woke up together naked while some gentle acoustic guitar played. Our lives will never be the same.

The good news is that Toby has a new fiance named Yvonne who happens to be campaigning against Spencer's family. But that doesn't mean he isn't experiencing max ~feels~ thanks to his best friend sexing his OTP. Poor Toby flies into a major huff when Caleb tells him the news, and is like, "get out of here with your graphic velvet flower shirt!" (*Actually, he's just silent and awkward, but same diff.)

Fortunately, Spencer, Caleb and Toby were able to put the awkwardness behind them because they're now adults, but we're still sensing some sexual tension between Spoby.

In Which Aria's Dad Might Be a Murderer, Go Figure

Due to the fact that Ezra is a beer-chugging, bearded alcoholic who might also be a murderer, Aria decides to do what any normal person would. Break into his house while he's out of town and check to see if his nine iron is missing. (Note: Cece was killed with a golf club.) Honestly, the biggest revelation about this — other than how terrible at decision making Aria is —is that Ezra plays golf. Isn't he too busy listening to Bright Eyes or something?

Anyway, looks like Ezra didn't kill Cece, but womp: Daddy Montgomery might have. Aria makes this discovery after listening to Ezra's voicemails (girl) and overhearing her dad implore Ezra to chat about what he "saw" on the night Cece died. So, to sum things up, all the men in Aria's life are ultra shady

In Which Hanna Is Rewarded for Bad Behavior

Wondering what's up with Hanna? Despite being vaguely horrified by Spencer and Caleb, she's ready to move forward in her engagement. But first, she has to tell both her mom and her fiance that she lied about Aria's whereabouts on the night Cece Drake was murdered.

The good news is that everyone forgives her and her mom steals the incriminating back up tapes of Radley Hotel's security footage, so we've once again learned a valuable lesson on PLL. If you lie to the police, it's totally chill.

In Which A Is More Than Officially Back

The good news about Spencer and Caleb getting their love making on (sorry) is that they're both really smart. These two use their brain power to track A 2.0 down, and after some real talk about Toby, they come across a storage unit filled with A's old hoodies and a cell phone. The message within? "I don't lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight." Shudder.

Speaking of shadows, if you see an old man lurking around Rosewood, it's just A in a super realistic costume. This vigilante's financial resources will never cease to amaze us.