If you leave a "Deadpool" showing this weekend, begging for more Merc with a Mouth, you are in luck. Insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that studio 20th Century Fox has already given the green light to a "Deadpool" sequel, with a script now being written by the same screenwriters, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

THR said "Deadpool" director Tim Miller hasn't signed on (yet) to direct this sequel, but Fox wants to keep the original band together. Obviously that would have to include Ryan Reynolds -- who is promoting this movie like his life depends on it. It seems like he's invested in this character for the long haul, although it has to be exhausting to be "on" as much as he has been in the past few months.

Back in September, producer Simon Kinberg told Collider they were already hopeful that there would be another "Deadpool":

"We certainly are talking about the sequel—we were talking about the sequel while we were making the movie just because when you make a film like this that's from a serialized source material, you hope that it's the first of many. But yeah [Fox is] feeling good about it, we're all feeling really proud of it, so hopefully before it comes out we will be well into the process of figuring out a sequel."

At the time, he said the sequel would most likely include the comic book character Cable, but added that talk was "premature." However, ComicBook.com updated February 9 to confirm the "X-Men" character Cable will be involved in the sequel.

Who is Cable? Here's ComicBook.com's description:

"Created by Rob Liefeld, Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor who made his first appearance in New Mutants #87. A grim, serious character, he's been a frequent foil for Deadpool, especially in the time since Deadpool was established as genre savvy, the differences between the two make for some interesting chemistry and solid humor."

Meanwhile, the first "Deadpool" movie -- which currently sports an 81 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes -- hits theaters this Friday, February 12. The hard R-rated film is meant to have two post-credits scenes, and one of them may just give some hints on what's to come.

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