'How To Be Single' - European Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsRebel Wilson is the rare celebrity whose first acting head shot is actually as awkward as billed. Usually celebs are annoyingly self-deprecating about pics that aren't bad at all (they'd NEVER show you the really bad stuff) but Rebel just charmed us even more on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," when revealing her first acting photo.

Before Seth broke out the pic, the Australian star of "How to Be Single" said she was having second thoughts since "this is embarrassing." The photo shows Rebel, who is now 35, at age 18 or 19, holding a softball mitt and -- "just in case you didn't know I was sporty" -- also a softball. "I'm also wearing the world's thinnest gold chain. Maybe that's like [saying] 'maybe I could be classy.' But, just so you know my gangster ghetto roots, you've got the graffiti in the background."

Seth said there's so much going on in the photo and so few acting parts where it would work. Rebel admitted she had no idea what she aiming for with the photo. A lot of times people are at their "hottest" at 18 or 19, she said, but both Rebel and Seth agreed that Rebel looks a lot better now, and she said she has improved her modeling.

Watch the video to see the photo, and hear a lot more from Rebel:

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