We've seen the photos, we've seen the promos, and now, we have our first extended look at the "Friends" reunion, which took place last month at a tribute special for legendary sitcom director James Burrows, and is set to air later this month.

The clip, shared by TVLine, features five of the six main "Friends" stars (minus Matthew Perry, who's in London starring in a play) reminiscing about their memories of Burrows, who directed many episodes of the longrunning NBC series, including its pilot. David Schwimmer went on to helm several episodes of the show as well, and said during the special that he looked to Burrows for guidance in exploring his newfound interest in directing.

"I asked him if I could watch him and follow him," Schwimmer said of shadowing Burrows, both on the set of "Friends" and other series. " ... He graciously took me under his wing, and I learned so much from him."

Co-star Lisa Kudrow reminisced about how Burrows started calling "Friends" cast members by the names of other famous characters from his previous gigs, including dubbing Courteney Cox "Mary Tyler Moore," Matt LeBlac "Danza" ("Taxi" star Tony Danza), and Kudrow "Reverend Jim" (fellow "Taxi" star Christopher Lloyd).

"He wasn't saying, 'You're as good as Christopher Lloyd,'" Kudrow conceded. " ... But I heard what I needed to hear."

Check out the full clip above. The entire special, "Must See TV: An All Star Tribute to James Burrows," airs on NBC on February 21.

[via: TVLine]

Photo credit: Getty Images