What would "Friends" be without Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)? 100% less funny, for sure.

Sure, Chandler was the comedian, but Phoebe brought the subtle comedy that the show needed.These are the Phoebe moments that will never cease to make us lol.

1. When she said this

2. When she had no time for your judgement! But, plenty of time for champagne.

3. When she started a GoFundMe before it even existed.

4. When she had the appropriate to reaction to money.

5. When she could be fancy and give no effs at the same time.

6. When her bagpipe impression was 20/10.

7. When she was the John Lennon of her time.

8. When she knew how to accessorize like a 12-year-old girl going to her first school dance.

9. When she ran like no one was watching.

10. When she felt the same way about her smoke detector as we do.

11. When she knew how to get a free meal.