When "Full House" went off the airwaves twenty-one years ago, we were all like, "cut - it - out!" (Others among us were like "How rude!" We're a varied bunch.)

Though it lasted a healthy eight seasons, while reaching new audiences every day in syndication, it can be easy to forget that "Full House" was unceremoniously cancelled. Indeed, the show that had been a hit for ABC for years, spawning catch phrases and strange merchandise, was given the hook before the writers could adequately wrap everything up. So many questions remaining, arcs left incomplete, and dangling threads. Network TV is a fickle mistress.

Cut to 2015, when we heard "Fuller House" was coming to Netflix and were immediately screaming, "Have mercy!" (Others yelled, "pin a rose on our nose!" Again, varied bunch!) Finally, the writers could fulfill the decades long questions fans have been left wondering by "Full House"'s abrupt cutoff. Today, we run down some of the original's biggest questions that fans hope "Fuller House" will answer! (Let's cover one thing right off the bat here: Joey was never called Uncle Joey. If you've ever referred to Joey Gladstone as "Uncle Joey" at any point in your life, you have been incorrect. It was always "Uncle Jesse and Joey." Accept this and move on.)