ABC wants you to go to hell with "Once Upon a Time," and even though that may not sound very nice, we're looking forward to it. It seems like "Once" has been on the air forever, and yet gone for way too long on its Season 5 winter break. ABC is gearing up for the midseason premiere on Sunday, March 6, which also marks its 100th episode of the series. In "Souls of the Departed," the group will travel to the Underworld to try and save Hook. While there, they'll meet Greg Germann's Hades and come in contact with many familiar faces.

But before we head to the Underworld, head back in time to relive 100 episodes of heroes, villains, and adventures in this loving retrospective:

Ah, memories. TVLine just shared some great spoilers on what's ahead in the winter premiere. Here are just three tantalizing teases:

• The premiere kicks off with one of the series' most powerful and emotional cold opens ever, doing justice to storylines past and present.

• "Chip" puts in an appearance, sparking a flashback to a "lost" scene between Rumple and Belle.

• By the end of the hour, one character will experience an extreme reversal of fortune.

"Once Upon a Time" returns Sunday, March 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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