gilmore girls, emily, rory, alexis bledel, kelly bishopThe cast members of "Gilmore Girls" have been sharing lots of (spoiler-free) images on social media of their return to the Stars Hollow set for the upcoming Netflix revival series, and the latest photo reunites two of our three titular women.

Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop, who played Rory and Emily, are all smiles in the snap, which also includes actor Tanc Sade. Sade, who played Logan's Aussie college pal Finn, is also returning for at least one of the four season-themed mini-movie episodes, and shared the photo with fans on Twitter this week.

Emily doesn't appear to be wearing one of her signature Chanel suits, so it's safe to say this is a pic from rehearsals, rather than the trio in-character. Regardless of the context, it's great to see Bledel and Bishop together again. We can take or leave Finn. (No offense to Sade. But seriously, Logan's random friend -- not to mention Logan, but that's another story -- gets the call to come back, while Melissa McCarthy is allegedly left hanging? What on Earth is happening? Amy Sherman-Palladino has some explaining to do.)

Now all that's missing is a photo of Rory and Lorelai together again. Make it happen, internet!

The "Gilmore Girls" revival is set to debut on Netflix sometime later this year.

[via: Tanc Sade, h/t Entertainment Weekly]