"Saturday Night Live" hosting gig. It wasn't exactly a classic show, but the "Game of Thrones" star really went for it, especially in two sketches: "Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition," with Dinklage and Leslie Jones playing themselves, and the "Mafia Meeting" sketch, which is only worth watching for Dinklage and musical guest Gwen Stefani singing and dancing about space pants.

Here's a horny Leslie Jones, spooning hard with Dinklage (and clasping his "warmest part"...) in "Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition":

And here's Dinklage's amazing "space pants" song and dance:

Because he's a GoT star, there was inevitably a "Game of Thrones" sketch, but unfortunately the dragon "sneak peek" wasn't as strong as it should've been:

The actor also had a GoT-themed monologue but it was mostly about Bobby Moynihan as author George R.R. Martin, and didn't really use Dinklage enough:

Russell Crowe is the next SNL host, on April 9, with Margo Price as musical guest. "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premieres April 24.

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