UPDATE: He flounced out. He flounced back in. Ken got upset and left the workroom, heading out into the street and going wherever he went. He was not seen in the workroom the next morning when the other designers returned to finish their garments. But then he just showed up again and got back to work. He explained that he got so frustrated and was on the verge of taking it out on the other designers and everyone around him, so he needed to step away and cool down. (Apparently that's OK, in terms of the rules of the show, to just leave and come back?) Although Ken lost a ton of time on his design, and neither he nor the judges liked it much, he did not go home. Instead, Layana Aguilar was eliminated. And now the drama can continue for the rest of the season...

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This season of "Project Runway: All Stars" has been 75 percent *drama*, 25 percent actual designs. Up to this point, Ken Laurence -- an eyebrow-raising addition to the 2016 cast after his emotional volcano eruption in Season 12 -- has not been one of the key drama players. This season has focused around Sam Donovan vs. Kini Zamora, with most of the other designers appearing to join Kini in side-eyeing Sam. Ken has had a strong showcase for his designs and his humor. But it looks like the pressure will get the better of Ken again in tonight's (April 7) episode.

Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive new preview, with Ken sharing his frustration with his garment, and the fact that he sewed his shoulder seams the wrong way. "I'm not that fond of my work and I'm very frustrated. I can feel the water boiling and it's about to get ready to explode everywhere."

We see him grab his bag and tell the crew, "I'm gonna take my ass home. ... I'm done." He walks out of the building and appears to hail a cab.

It has all the hallmarks of a quit, but this group of divas loves to go overboard and it would not surprise us to see Ken cool down after a while and return to the workroom to finish his garment. If Tim Gunn were on "All Stars" he could try to talk Ken into just making it work. But no such luck.

Maybe Dom Streater, who won Season 12 as the only returning winner, can try to help cool that water boiling inside Ken.

Since Ken is shown talking to the cameras, in hindsight, to explain his frustration with himself, it does seem like he returns and doesn't just walk out for good. Ken took to Twitter to preview the episode and defend his stressed-out reaction:

Fair enough on drama = stress, but you never saw the teens pull this stuff on "Project Runway: Junior." Just saying.

"Project Runway: All Stars" Season 5 airs at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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