Game of ThronesMaybe Jon Snow is really dead, maybe not, but Davos Seaworth is still fighting for him.

"Game of Thrones," stopped by Conan O'Brien's late night show to preview the upcoming sixth season of the HBO drama, which premieres April 24. After teasing that only he knows a secret revealed to him by author George R.R. Martin, Cunningham unveiled the first clip from season 6.

The scene expands on flashes of footage we saw in the trailer. Davos is guarding Jon Snow's corpse, as Alliser Thorne and his mutinous Night's Watch minions try to break into the room holding them.

"I've been never been much of a fighter," Davos says, drawing Jon's sword. Jon's direwolf, Ghost, growls right beside him, ready to tear out some Night's Watch throats.

Presumably, Alliser and cohorts want to burn Jon's body, to prevent him from becoming a White Walker, while Davos is safeguarding it ... for what? Maybe for Melisandre to work her magic and bring him back to life? (Crossing our fingers)

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