"The Red Woman" is coming April 24, and we may not be as ready as we thought. The "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere has that title and, even though HBO is tightening the reins on spoilers, the (apparently shock-and-discomfort-inducing) first episode screened Sunday night at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly was one of the lucky few to attend the Season 6 premiere event, and he shared some vague but intriguing impressions of the hour, including that the viewer behind him said "wow" when the episode was over, and others said "incredible" and "spectacular." (That's not exactly the shocking part.)

"Unlike some years, when Thrones started with a somewhat slower paced episode hat re-established all the various storylines, 'The Red Woman' hits the ground at full sprint.

"Once again, not every main character shows up in the first episode, and a couple of series regulars are held back (presumably until the second episode). But don't worry, the premiere spends a lot of time at Castle Black."

"A surprising amount of [trailer] footage is either from this first episode or from scenes that will seemingly happen in the next. In other words: There is so much more from this season's storylines that hasn't even been hinted in any of the released footage. (That said, a new, action-packed trailer revealing more content from season 6 screened after premiere.)"

"There are some scenes that are genuinely shocking. As in: Even hardcore fans full of speculation about the new season won't see some twists coming."

The Hollywood Reporter added its own promise of shocks:

"With that, the hour long episode screened — but on Cersei Lannister's orders, no story details can be shared at this time. Suffice it to say, numerous moments throughout the episode elicited gasps of shock, unexpected (and uncomfortable) laughter, and long moments of stunned silence. A teaser that played after the episode previewed the weeks ahead, and based on what was shown, it looks like season six will be a chilling one indeed."

THR also noted that "Kit Harington" remains in the Season 6 opening credits, which is expected, since Jon Snow is at least appearing as a corpse. We are some of those hardcore, speculating fans, and we made some guesses on what happens to Jon in the premiere, especially with this episode title . But now we're bracing for the rug to be pulled out, whether on his storyline or any other.

The gasps of shock have us a little bit worried, though, and what's with the uncomfortable laughter? And the season will be chilling? Is that a play on the White Walkers or chilling in other ways? WE KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW. Any theories, fellow Westerosi?

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