In HBO's second full "Game of Thrones" Season 6 trailer, Arya Stark gets a second chance to be No One, and fans get a second chance to watch, rewatch, pause, screen grab, watch again, rewatch, squee, and rewind to keep analyzing the 2016 footage.

The first big Season 6 trailer came out last month. This new one has many new scenes, but they seem to be set around the same time, most likely from the same initial few episodes to keep spoilers at bay. The premiere just aired for a few critics and fans, and they said major shockers are ahead even for the hardcore speculating fans who read the books and think they have an idea of what's ahead.

Maybe we don't know as much as we thought?

There's a lot to unpack from this trailer, and our perceptions may change after watching it a dozen more times, but here's what we see at first glance.

We see more of Tyrion Lannister running Meereen, and potentially freeing Daenerys Targaryen's other two dragons. Tyrion and Varys meet a mysterious woman in Meereen. (Who is she? A new red priestess?) Dany gets stripped again. Jaime Lannister threatens the High Sparrow. Theon Greyjoy appears to be imprisoned in King's Landing, with Margaery Tyrell ... unless that's Margaery's brother Ser Loras just wearing the same style of shirt as Theon? (Natalie Dormer did say Margaery would have a new verbal sparring partner this season, so maybe we just want it to be Theon because that would be amazing. Theon is definitely shown later in the trailer, but that's probably his sister Yara across from him.)

Jorah Mormont shows the advancement of his greyscale. Sansa Stark looks strong, possibly with an army behind her, thinking about what was taken from her. Is she facing off with Ramsay Bolton? We see Ramsay ready for another battle.

Also, the Greyjoys are back. The Night's King is back. Even the bloody Freys are back. Sam and Gilly are on their ship to the Citadel. Brienne is still with Pod, maybe at Riverrun. Davos picks up Jon's argument that this is a war between the living and the dead and the dead are coming. Is Davos in White Harbor when he makes that argument? That looks like the House Manderly sigil in the background. (OK, never mind. A clearer view makes it seem more likeHouse Mormont, which would put Davos -- and Sansa, who appears to be with him at that point -- on Bear Island.)

Also, Cersei Lannister is pushing someone, some Lannister, to stand at the head of their army ... for revenge against Dorne? Is she talking to Jaime or even Robert Strong, or perhaps young King Tommen? Last season's premiere, the witch Maggy told Cersei gold would be the shrouds of her children. Joffrey is dead. Myrcella is dead. Is Tommen next?

And Jon Snow. There's a scene toward the start that wants to suggest Tormund is saying, about Jon, "I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night, but I was wrong." But what if he's not speaking of Jon, what if he's speaking to Jon, after a certain Red Woman works some magic?

Watch the trailer:

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