EXCLUSIVE: Clip - "Money Monster"

Save Sassenach! "Outlander" star in the line of fire ... or at least her face on a screen is in danger.

The financial crisis story plays out in real-time, and this clip shows a scene where an angry investor named Kyle (Jack O'Connell) has already taken over the TV studio where "Money Monster" host Lee Gates (George Clooney) and his producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) were filming a show. We see a piece of the tense standoff, which is also airing live to millions of viewers. Balfe plays Diane Lester, head of PR for a company whose stock has bottomed. Apparently she says the wrong thing to Kyle, 'cause he shoots the monitor while she's speaking. Then Diane, clearly shaken, says the wrong thing again, this time to Patty the producer: "I'm sorry, you have to understand how much of a delicate situation this is..."

Patty, an actual hostage, snaps back from the control room: "Don't talk to me about delicate situations! You have got to wake up and do the math here because it is not adding up to me either." Diane doesn't understand, so Patty adds, "I mean you better ask some real questions and get some real answers..."

Part of the story involves unraveling the mystery behind a conspiracy in the global markets, hence the questions. Watch the full first trailer and cross your fingers that Sassenach stops saying the wrong thing to angry people in "delicate situations."

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