Everyone is talking about Beyonce's explosive visual album "Lemonade," and what seems to be pretty damning evidence that the songstress's husband, Jay-Z, has cheated on her in the past. But while members of the Beyhive have been swarming lots of potential paramour suspects on social media (including, mistakenly, a similarly-monikered celebrity chef), there's one pop culture figure who's here to assure fans that she's not the "Becky with the good hair" that Beyonce is singing about.

Full House" (and who recently reprised the role for Netflix spinoff "Fuller House"), shared with fans a photo from her character's '90s glory days, which someone had turned into a "Becky with the good hair" meme.

Wasn't me. #beckywiththegoodhair #lemonade ????

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Indeed, Aunt Becky looks pretty perfectly-coiffed in the shot (which was most likely taken from an episode centering around her character's job as the co-host of morning talk show "Wake Up, San Francisco," based on the business suit and expertly-teased tresses). But, as Loughlin insists in the caption of her post, she's not the one Queen Bey should be mad at.

Sure, it's an easy joke, but it made us laugh nonetheless. We may be no closer to tracking down the true identity of Becky (and honestly, shouldn't Jay-Z be the one who's the subject of the internet's scorn, and not his alleged cheating partner?), but with the creation of silly memes like this, we're okay with it.

[via: Lori Loughlin, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]