Florence Foster JenkinsMeryl Streep can sing. The character she plays in "Florence Foster Jenkins" cannot. Like, really cannot. "It defies medical science," someone else says of Florence's terrible singing voice.

Paramount released the trailer for the movie, which is based on the true story of a New York socialite in the 1940s. Florence loves singing, and declares "music is my life." The problem is that she can't hit a note. Her husband, British actor St. Clair (Hugh Grant), is determined to help her fulfill her dream of performing at Carnegie Hall -- all while shielding her from scathing reviews.'Florence Foster Jenkins' (2016) Trailer

The trailer is quite sweet and gently humorous, and the love story between Florence and St. Clair is very touching. It's nice seeing Grant play a stand-up guy, and Streep looks like she's having a ball screeching off key.

"Florence Foster Jenkins" opens in theaters August 12.

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