Alice Through the Looking GlassWhat's the matter with the Mad Hatter?

That's the riddle that bedevils the characters of "Alice Through the Looking Glass," the follow-up to 2010's smash hit "Alice in Wonderland." When Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to the fantastical realm, she learns her old friend Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is not himself. He's losing his Muchness, due to machinations of Time (Sacha Baron Cohen), and only Alice can save him by turning back the clock.

Two new clips have been released from the upcoming movie. In the first, the White Queen (Anne Hathaway), the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum give her the news about the Hatter's condition:In the second clip, Alice reunites with the Hatter, only to discover he doesn't remember her — because they haven't met yet:

The movie looks as gloriously psychedelic as ever, and Depp looks like he's having a fabulous time hamming it up as the Hatter again.

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" opens in theaters May 27.

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