2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner have yet to file for divorce after announcing their separation last June, and according to a new report, there's a good reason: Affleck desperately wants Garner back.

That's the scoop from People -- as trustworthy a source in the celebrity gossip sphere as they come -- which claims that two different insiders say the actor is extremely eager to reconcile with his estranged wife. Here's the key piece of People's report:

"Ben wants Jen back," a source close to Garner tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, with a second source adding, "Ben wants to get back together. He wants her back."

As far as celebrity breakups go, Garner certainly seems to have come off better in this particular instance, what with rampant rumors of infidelity on Affleck's part, and her revealing, triumphant interview with Vanity Fair, in which she called out her husband's coldness and made fun of his infamous back tattoo. (Which we're still not convinced is fake, no matter how many half-hearted denials Affleck offers. #TattooTruther for life.) After all that, it doesn't really seem like Garner would be willing to take Affleck back, does it?

Well, maybe, maybe not. Gossip site Lainey theorizes that Garner's VF interview is actually a lot like Beyonce's explosive album "Lemonade," in which Queen Bey admonishes a lover (most likely her husband, Jay-Z) for cheating, but ultimately takes him back, with the relationship's power firmly back in her court. Could Garner's sympathy-garnering publicity tour be a scheme to win public approval before she takes back a groveling Affleck in an attempt to salvage her family?

We have to stress that this is all entirely speculative, and the world may never know what's really happening with these two unless they come out and say so themselves. For now, the family is living together in London while Affleck shoots "Justice League: Part One." What happens next is anyone's guess.

[via: People]

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