Because no brand can go without its own feature film in Hollywood, that planned big screen adaptation of video game Tetris is not only still happening, but is being billed as an "epic sci-fi thriller."

The project is being spearheaded by a new production company featuring parties from both the U.S. and China. Threshold Global Studios will bankroll "Tetris" for $80 million, and the company has big plans for the flick, which will include a cast with both Western and Chinese actors, and will shoot in China sometime in 2017.

Threshold partners Bruno Wu and Larry Kasanoff said in a statement that they're planning a big global push for the film, and have been working on the project for over a year. The partners noted that "the story has been created," though they don't say whether or not that means an actual script is completed yet (or just what such a script would entail). What is certain at this point is that the flick will feature what's being dubbed "unique Tetris VFX," which was "developed especially for the film," per The Hollywood Reporter.

"Tetris, one of the most recognized video game franchises of all time, is a perfect first project for this strategy," said Kasanoff in a separate statement. "For our debut project, Threshold Global Studios will bring one of the most beloved, cross-generational gaming brands in the world to the big screen."

Now all that remains to be seen is just how audiences will embrace such a venture. Based on all the snark on Twitter, we're guessing not especially well. Then again, an "Angry Birds" movie is about to hit theaters, so perhaps "Tetris" will surprise us all.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]