GhostbustersIf there's something strange in the neighborhood, you need to call up some powerful equipment.

The first clip from the new "Ghostbusters" movie debuted on Twitter, and it features the crew testing out some new tech designed by Kate McKinnon. And her toys — a "ghost chipper" and a proton glove — definitely pack a punch, as Melissa McCarthy soon finds out. "You truly scare me," Leslie Jones tells McKinnon.

The new "Ghostbusters" movie has gotten a lot of heat for its "confusing" first trailer, and it's been the subject of a nasty war over the all-female cast. It seems director Paul Feig is trying to reassure the "this is going to ruin my childhood!" contingent by releasing more footage. It's an enjoyable snippet that shows off McKinnon's kooky scientist. If this is the appetizer, then the main course is smelling good.

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