Will "Celebrity Pet Peeves" be the new "Mean Tweets"? Last night, "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" rounded up eight stars for a 2-minute taped segment where they shared their pet peeves. The peeves are mostly fake ... although we believe aliens are really abducting David Duchovny to point out the parts of "The X-Files" that aren't realistic. Someone has to.

Here's the list of peeve-sharing celebs, in order of appearance:

Anna Kendrick

Tom Hiddleston

Zach Woods

Nick Offerman

David Duchovny

Sam Rockwell

Chloe Grace Moretz

(Anna Kendrick again)

James Corden

(Nick Offerman again)

Michael Fassbender isn't in the video, but he is named-dropped twice -- first by Tom Hiddleston, then James Corden. Hiddleston probably is often asked for Fassy's autograph, but we doubt he hates it. And he does probably kiss his own signed Fassy photo every day. No judgment! Although now that Hiddleston is in the tabloids every week, the tables may turn and Fassbender may be the one asked about dating Taylor Swift.

Watch the video here:

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