"Star Wars Rebels" ended season two with a bang -- and a giant cliffhanger that left us wondering "where do we go from here?!" The third season doesn't air until the Fall, but we've got something that should hold you over until then.

At this year's Star Wars Celebration, Director Dave Filoni and voice actors Tiya Sircar (Sabine) and Sam Witwer (Darth Maul), told us everything we need to know going into season three.

1. When we left Ahsoka last season, she was facing off with Darth Vader, and her fate seemed pretty much sealed. But, there is hope. While she might not be alive, Filoni alluded to the fact that we will be seeing her again.

2. Fan-favorite Kanan is still blind and having trouble dealing with it, as anyone would. The new season will find him on a journey to use his blindness as a strength, and will become a "better Jedi for it," according to Filoni.

3. Ezra got a haircut! His new look definitely goes with the new attitude he is sporting for season three. He's feeling more adult, and he's definitely looking like it.

4. Sabine also got a new look. She's swapped her blue and orange hair for silver and purple -- and it looks awesome. Sircar, who plays Sabine, actually picked the character's new look. Back in season one, Filoni asked Sircar what look she would want Sabine to have, and now she has it. She also gets a jetpack.

5. Why? Because Sabine is... dun dun duuunnn... a Mandalorian.

"She has to face her past in a real way," Sircar revealed, after dropping the big bomb.

6. Hera is becoming a more official part of the Rebellion. In season three, she sports more military-esque garb and even has a badge.

7. Darth Maul finds himself searching for purpose after his multiple failures. But, don't worry, he isn't crossing over to the Light Side, as Filoni reveals that Maul will "never truly be good." Maul ends up thinking of Ezra as his apprentice, someone to which he can pass on his legacy.

8. To cement the fact that Maul is still evil, he really wants Kanan dead. Blinding him wasn't enough, it seems. In a clip for a future episode, we find Ezra and Kanan, they are seemingly held captive by Maul. When Maul gets some alone time with Kanan, he uses it to force him out into open space. We'll have to wait to find out how he survives.

9. The universe will expand this season, so get ready to see some new planets.

10. A young Wedge Antilles makes his appearance, and we that he is an Imperial pilot on track to defect to the Rebels' side.

11. The new villain is fan-favorite Grand Admiral Thrawn, who appeared in author Timothy Zahn's Expanded Universe books. He's voiced by Lars Mikkelsen and the crowd at Celebration went wild when the character first appeared onscreen.

12. Tom Baker -- best known as one of the Doctors from "Doctor Who" -- voices Bendu, a new character who is caught between the Light side and the Dark side.

13. There is all the action. And we mean all.

Watch the trailer for season three above, and be sure to check out the premiere this Fall on Disney XD.