Here's why would be the best choice as the next James Bond: 007 is smooth, charming, witty, badass, and cool in any circumstance, including when forced to sing like a Chipmunk. Watch these videos and report back if Idris does not fit the bill.

Idris was on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night, and he rocked two songs playing Box of Microphones, plus he showed off his best dance move -- and it was WORTHY.

First, he had to sing "Panda" while the microphone changed his vocals to sound like one of the Chipmunks. He really went for it, and it came out ... well, by his personal account it came out "awful," but it was pretty great from here. After that, Idris and Jimmy slowed things down for a beautiful duet of "Endless Love," complete with more random sound effects.

Check it out:
Idris said people come up to him all the time now to challenge him to dance-offs, because he's in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Dance Off." He said he CAN dance, though, and showed off his favorite movie. The audience went nuts, as they should. He also shared some great stories about working as a DJ, including one where everything went wrong for three minutes of total silence: Idris was actually on the show to promote "Star Trek Beyond," and he said he lost a few eyebrows making the movie, thanks to his extreme costume, which took 2.5 hours to get on and he had to wear it for 18 hours a day: Funny, self-deprecating, silly, sexy. Come on, now. The man is just perfect. Give him a martini and let's go.

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