He don't like dem apples. "The Tonight Show," forcing the players -- Jimmy and his guest -- to pick a box and describe the items inside. The other person can't see what's inside, and they have to guess whether you are telling the truth with your description or lying.

Spoiler alert: This game was nothing but lies.

There was only one round each (it should've been longer) and the more skilled liar won. Props to Jimmy for coming up with a better story than "a pig jar full of shrimp," 'cause that thing looked gross from afar and up close.

And, like Matt said, it is believable to think the "Tonight Show" producers would put Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Justin Bieber in a bathtub together.

Watch the video:

Matt Damon is obviously everywhere right now to promote "Jason Bourne," and while he was on "The Tonight Show" he talked about taking his daughter to see a Prince concert, and how Tommy Lee Jones helped him afford to write "Good Will Hunting." Oh, and Matt used to flly Trump Air to get to auditions in New York City.

Watch all of that:

It's really just a win for Matt Damon to get any late-night air time since, as you know, Jimmy Kimmel never lets poor Matt on his show. JK and Matt had another therapy session earlier in the week, to try and settle their longtime "feud":

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