"Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 is looking like "Mer and the City."

The 2016-2017 season premieres September 22 on ABC, and TVLine just shared the official poster, which offers a new look for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). We just see half of our heroine, with a sideways Seattle taking up the rest of the artistic poster.

Check it out:

As TVLine noted, there is no tagline, which is unusual. Fans have been left to speculate about the meaning of it all, with the site suggesting that maybe it means "Mer will find herself torn about whether to embark on her first serious post-McDreamy relationship with Nathan (Martin Henderson) in the wake of the duo's no-strings tryst at the end of Season 12."

Here are other reactions:

• I think the poster is saying she is torn between her life in Seattle or is there the same life elsewhere. I think this may be Meredith's last season, because it's not too much more she can do in Seattle, but win the Harper Avery ( and we all know that will never happen due to politics and the fact that Jackson Avery is a colleague and member of the hospital board of directors), I do not want Meredith and Alex in a relationship, that's the only original friendship left from the 1 season and it does not need to be tainted by sex. I think it's time for Meredith to go and leave, I love her but she has been through so much in Seattle!!

• I liked the poster because it's different.As Meredith, i think a part of her will always be in love with Derek but i also think she's ready to be in a new serious relationship.

• It's edgy but I'm not in love with it. Happy to see Mer glammed up a bit.
Please don't let her look so dowdy this year

• First thing my husband noted: Damn, she looks like Julianna Margulies. Agreed with him. Other than that, cool poster. Season 13 can't get here soon enough!

• Perhaps the pic denotes a rebirth of Mer! Opening herself to what Seattle has to offer! Thank goodness for the makeup! I know she plays a busy mom, but I know women doctors that are busy moms and they do show pride in looks by combing hair and using lipstick! She is a beautiful woman let that shine!

• They've been simplifying the posters more and more over the years. Season 12 was also solo Mer. Season 11 was just Mer & Derek. I think they're just trying to hone in on the fact that she is the Grey in Grey's Anatomy. Shonda's said before there is no show without Meredith.

• I think it's very bizarre. She's very gussied up, but in black and white with a odd blue eye? It almost makes it seem sinister. Like maybe they are going to make her less likeable and sort of the villain this season. I feel like for a while the show has been centered around her being untouchable. She's been seen as fragile and somewhat broken and we feel sorry for her. Perhaps that's going to change. I can certainly imagine the waves her current love affair will cause. Perhaps it will cause others to turn on her because it will be seen as betrayal of Owen for her to pursue this relationship. This picture could be a "she's back" statement.

• She's beginning to see the beauty to life once again. When he passed she lost herself & simply existed in what became a black and white world. There is significance to the coloring of her eye & in the skyline. Perhaps her perspective of life must go on is transitioning into living the life that continues on

• Love it and her eyes! Love Mer , love all of Grays ???????????? please keep it simple, real, loving, romantic, dramatic, and keep our Greys characters!

• She's open for whatever! City beware ????

• I love it, hope it's a dynamic season...Mer needs a hot romance this season please....turn Seattle on fire!

Here are a couple of past posters, for comparison:

Season 12

Season 11:

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 starts September 22 on ABC.

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