The Joker isn't laughing anymore. He's pissed off at his own movie. "Suicide Squad" opened today, and IGN asked Jared Leto to fill in the blanks about the Joker's story, when it comes to scenes that didn't quite make sense in the movie. Without spoiling too much, Leto said he didn't even know what the Joker did after that particular crash scene and before his later return.

IGN also asked Leto if he was upset about any of his scenes getting cut, and you can actually listen to him answer in the SPOILERY video below. He sounded pretty disappointed:

"Were there any that didn't get cut from the movie? I'm asking you, were there any that DIDN'T get cut? [...] Oh, there were so many scenes that got cut from the movie, I couldn't even start [to name one that he was sad to lose]. I think that the Joker, we did a lot of experimentation on the set, we explored a lot. There's so much that we shot that's not in the film. [...] If I die anytime soon, it's probably likely that it'll surface somewhere. That's the good news about the death of an actor is like, you know, all that stuff seems to come out."

So he's practically rooting for his own death to set the truth free. How said is that? But it has to be such a frustrating part of the process, for an actor, to know what the script read, and what you shot, and compare that with the final edited product. And then you have to go and sell the movie anyway.

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