What a breath of fresh air "Project Runway Junior" was, right? Tim Gunn himself said it was the perfect "antidote" to last year's "Project Runway" Season 14, which he hated. Openly hated. We love all things PR, and as we wait for "Project Runway" Season 15 to premiere this fall (no official date yet), we can follow the progress of the "Junior" version, which appears to be taping Season 2 right now.

Here are recent teases from mentor Tim, who has already (literally) fallen for the young designers:

Looks great! "Project Runway" Season 15 started taping in June, and now we appear to have "Junior" in the works. Last year, PR Season 14 premiered on August 6, but it looks like they are pushing the schedule back this year. But it still seems like "Junior" might follow the main PR season, like it did last year (when "Junior" premiered in November). So we'll have to wait and see how Lifetime schedules things for 2016-2017.

Are you excited to meet the new young designers and see if they can match the magic of "Project Runway Junior" Season 1?

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