Game of ThronesPerhaps the most emotionally stirring moment of "Game of Thrones" season 6 was learning how Hodor got his name.

(Spoilers ahead!)

In episode 5, "The Door," fans learned that "Hodor" is a shortened version of the phrase "hold the door." Older Hodor holds that door to allow Bran and Meera to escape the white walkers, while we see young Hodor's brain short-circuit in Bran's vision (#ThanksBran). That tragic moment played out beautifully ... in English. But what about other languages? Well, one Imgur user compiled all of the translations of the phrase, and surprisingly, it still works in quite a few other languages!

Like Spanish:
Hold the door
And French, sort of:
Hold the door
Dutch works very well too:
Hold the door
Hold the door
But not so much in Portuguese:
Hold the door
Some versions tweaked the wording to produce the right sounds. For instance, the French translation means "Don't let them get outside," while the Turkish version is "Stay there."

Hodor hodor hodor hodoring hodor!

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