In "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Cersei Lannister got herself a crown, but lost her children and potentially the support of her brother-lover. Serious question: Would she still consider that a win?

The Mad Queen will rule -- solo? not solo? -- when Season 7 premieres next summer on HBO. Emmy nominee Lena Headey talked to TheWrap about Cersei's journey, including her teases on a dark future for the Lannister twins.

"When she was in the depths of her losing streak, I had no idea where she was going," Headey said of Cersei's shame-to-throne journey in Season 6. To say it was a pleasant surprise is an understatement. David and Dan [showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] never fail to write the unexpected. I don't feel comfort, I'm pondering where she can go from here. I don't think it will end well. Who knows?"

The Wrap asked Headey to describe Cersei's mental state when we see her in the end, taking a seat in the Iron Throne, and exchanging that not-exactly-loving look with Jaime.

"The thing that gave her humanity was her kids," Headey said. "They're gone now. Her father is gone. [Her brother] Tyrion is gone. There's no one to tell her she can't, she's stupid, she's just a woman. I think when Jaime looks anything other than happy, she has a 'f*ck you' moment. This will be such an interesting season for them. Where do they go? It's so toxic now."

Yes, "toxic" is one word for it. Some fans think a certain prophecy may be in motion now, too. (Side note: While Jaime and Cersei had that toxic glance, Sansa and Littlefinger shared their own loaded look, and you can read those actors's interpretations.)

David Benioff teased more Jaime/Cersei drama ahead in the "Game of Thrones Season 6: Inside the Episode" video. "As much of a monster as [Cersei] could sometimes be, she was a mother who truly did love her children," Benioff said, "and now those children are gone and all she has is power, and she's got a lot of it. She's the queen. She's sitting on the Iron Throne. I don't think that bodes well for anyone, really. Even for Jaime, who loves her, I think it's a terrifying moment."

Cersei has shown she's capable of anything to get what she wants, Benioff added, "The real question is now, what does she want?"

That is a good question. What does she want now? Revenge on Dorne for what they did to Myrcella? Will she even have time to plot, with Daenerys Targaryen and the brother she never wanted to see again unless she could kill him knocking on the door to King's Landing? Is there any wildfire left? And even if Jaime wanted to stop her, does he have any sway over her at all at this point, or is she more likely to listen to Qyburn? It doesn't seem like this can end well for Cersei -- i.e. not will she die, but how -- but this show loves to surprise us, and it would be a pretty great irony to see her go from the first solo queen of Westeros to the first woman to serve in the Night's Watch.

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